“If You’re Struggling With Insecurity, Fear, or Doubt Get The Book!”

Between Seams, a vibrant and new poetry book, is for you. It conquers insecurities by helping you feel confident, secure, and more at peace with who you are.

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Coffee and Poetry

Love, lust, life, fear, joy, and hope come together in this relatable poetry book. Discover healing with Between Seams.

Love, love, love it! It's relatable and healing at the same time.

Rachelle M.

A beautiful mixture of pain, love, and hope in one amazing book!

Melissa H.


What is Between Seams?

Between Seams is a new poetry book that deals with life’s everyday struggles; love, lust, heartache, betrayal, rejection, grief, hope, joy, and more. These struggles are what I call open seams or wounds, and they require healing. Between Seams will help you understand that you’re not the only one going through challenging situations in life; we all have or will go through difficult times at one point or another. Overcome rejection.

How will it help me heal?

Between Seams is a relatable poetry book. In other words, like you, I, too, and many others have struggled with life’s punches. And, in all honesty, Between Seams helps us heal by bringing our visible and hidden wounds to the surface, allowing us to see that most often, life is familiar. This book helps us understand our value.

Tell Me More

Honestly, I love the book! And, not because I wrote the book. I love Between Seams because it’s Life’s commonality living out loud. To learn more about the book or to pre-order your E-book copy, visit Amazon.com.

The Between Seams Difference

Diving deep within the stages of pain, Between Seams is a new poetry book that breaks down how we feel and deal with emotional distress during the infancy, middle, transitional, and ending stages (denial/shock, anger, acceptance/healing, healed). This book opens our eyes to the reality that life is a commonality that we're all living together, no matter how different it seems. Because, as individuals, life seems different on the inside.

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Page 36

Page 36 from Chapter I – Unraveling.

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Page 106 from Chapter 2 – Threading.

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Page 140 from Chapter 3 – Mending.

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Page 146 from Chapter 4 – Knotted.


Between Seams

It's not just another poetry book. It's life living out loud! Don't wait too late, order your copy of Between Seams on Amazon today.

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Between Seams

Heal, laugh, and live through life's everyday challenges with Between Seams. Order your copy now on Amazon.

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