The Good Poet by K.D. Gates

Candid with K.D.

Real talk and poetry, aka Candid, is a brave girl’s view of life spoken out loud. It’s real, it’s relatable, and it’s candid. It’s real talk and poetry with Author and Poet KD Gates. Peek inside >

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Feed, fortify, & fulfill the soul with The Good Poet, a poetry book composed of healing quotes and notes. This 200+ page treasure will change your life!

The Good Poet

The Good Poet poetry book by author KD Gates

Courage - Do It Anyway!

Find Courage

Yes, it is far easier said than done. When it comes to courage, most of us allow fear to outtalk our fearless nature. But, I say, courage – do it anyway! Find the courage to step outside the box and conquer the “you know what” out of life. Hi! I’m K.D. Gates, author of The Good Poet. This video will share what courage means to me and how you can implement the same practical mentality in your everyday life and find the courage to go for it. Do you have the courage to unbox?

The Good Poet by K.D. Gates