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The Power of Critique

The Power of Critique

Did you know that there’s power in critique? Whether it’s from people you know or a stranger at the store, a critique, both negative and positive, has power, mind-blowing power to help reach new levels.

What’s impressive about a critique is that the person judging you has no idea of the gift their analysis gives to you. Honestly, it’s pretty magical. What do you mean? Well, a negative critique, if taken from a positive standpoint, can help you see and fix the things about yourself that “may” need improvement, allowing you to level up.

Uniquely, a positive critique works the same. For instance, someone gives you a good compliment on a project or something that you’ve put your heart and soul into; naturally, you feel good. Well, those feel-good vibes motivate you to do and keep doing your best. So, in essence, you’re going higher and higher and higher.

Why? Because there’s power in critique. And, if you take it from a constructive viewpoint, you later grow wings and soar. And, from a girl with a few negative critiques under her belt, it pays to love every darn compliment, positive or negative.

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