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You Are Valuable And Here's Why

You Are Valuable And Here’s Why

You are valuable because your uniqueness is your gift. It’s time you unwrap the pretty packaging and throw away the bow. – K.D. Gates

As babies, toddlers, and children, we don’t question our value; we know innately that our value is someplace within us. We began to question that value when others contradict our innate perception of ourselves. You see, everyone in the world sees himself or herself as important until the world makes them feel as though they’re not. When it comes to our value, the same detriment happens. Value is there until we allow others to replace it with doubt, low self-esteem, and insecurity. The wildest thing about value; you can always get it back.

You are valuable, and here’s why! Value isn’t something that we give out without opportunities to get back. Value is a gift that we can take back anytime, anywhere, and at any stage in our lives. So, to help you, I’ve outlined five powerful ways to revive your value!

Reason #1: You Hold The Power

You are valuable and here’s why! Your value isn’t based on the thoughts of others; your OWN thoughts determine your value. Essentially, you hold your value in your hands.

Reason #2: You Make The Choice

Often, we choose, unconsciously, to give our power away to others. We doubt who we are and therefore believe that the person we want to be is some far-fetched mystery. Yet, we hold the power of our value, giving us the right to take it back at any time. All it takes is courage.

We assign our own value and what a phenomenal gift that is! – K.D. Gates

Reason #3: You Are Special

I know you heard this when you were a child. But you are indeed special. No one else has the gift of being you. So, being who you make you special. What you have to offer to the world is something no other human can offer. Think about this; we all have a significant part to play in this world. Whether we choose to play the part is up entirely up to us.

Reason #4: You Are Perfectly Crafted

If you’re a believer, a follower of Christ, your value is beyond comprehension. Why? Because God created us in His image. And, His image is perfection. I can’t think of a greater sculptor. Can you?

Reason #5: You Decide Who You Are

Connect with who you are by “being” and not just “doing.” Often, we assign value to ourselves based upon shallow qualities like outer appearance, beauty, wealth, social status, and relationships. However, your uniqueness makes you who you are. So, start being who you are by being who you were created to be, YOURSELF.


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