Have You Ever Looked Pretty On The Outside And Felt Ugly Inside?

If you have, my poetry and poetry books are for you. At K.D. Gates, I help women conquer insecurities by helping them feel confident, secure, and more at peace with who they are. Because, as individuals, life seems very different on the inside.

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Life-Changing Healing

Discover the book that started it all! The Good Poet, a poetry book of intimate quotes and notes, is a fascinating read! Helping readers combat the painful remnants of life, this remarkable book - over 200 pages, is a prerequisite to healing. *E-book coming soon.

You won't find another book like it, and it's an eye-opener for anyone trying to live life. I love it!!!

Daphne J.

Uplifting, encouraging, and spiritual. The Good Poet is life in a book!

Joy S.

A must read! The dedication alone will melt your heart! One of my favorite quotes so far is on page 32.

Trinette W.

It’s a book filled with inspiration and love! It's amazing!

Crystal R.

I just love, love the book! It inspires me, infuses me with hope, and has helped me to heal.

Susi W.

The truth well spoken in the simplest form! The words in this book are for any and everybody. To meditate on it's profound essence could change the course of one's life.

Sylvia M.

This book is amazing!

Rose T.

I absolutely love the book, and I'm so inspired! I'm requesting The Good Poet part two!

Lucille H.


What is The Good Poet?

The Good Poet is more than a poetry book; it’s a treasure fortified by thirty years of ups, downs, struggles, pain, laughter, life, and success. Honestly, it’s the foundation destined to help us become the best versions of ourselves. And, who wouldn’t want that? Learn more.

How is it different?

The Good Poet is life’s heartbeat in a poetry book. It’s truth, vulnerability, and thought written out loud. It’s relatable ups and downs that we all have, making it a book to read and share for generations to come.

Why did you write the book?

I wrote The Good Poet because we’ve all thought about or have been on the bridge, in a car, or at home contemplating if we should jump off or not. So in all honesty, I wrote the book to help not just myself heal, but you too. Discover your value in this article.

meet k.d. gates

My Short Story

You know how most women look pretty on the outside yet feel ugly on the inside? At K.D., Gates, through relatable poetry, I help them conquer that by helping them feel confident, secure, and more at peace with who they are. Honestly, I love what I do! Hi, I'm K.D. Gates, a dreamcatcher, believer, lover of well-written words, and the girl who almost became a Nun— twice. It's nice to meet you.

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Between Seams

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a bestseller

The Good Poet

Discover the book that started it all! Find The Good Poet on Amazon.

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Between Seams

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The Good Poet by K.D. Gates